Keshav Narula

A 20-year old millennial who broke free from college to pursue his dreams of transforming the educational system.

Skills:JavaScript Developer, UI Designer, UX Consultant, Setting Curve in Astronomy Classes

I am Keshav

Hello, I am Keshav Narula and I dropped out of college. I came this to this country with goals and ambitions of changing the world and creating the future I wanted for myself.

I came to Silicon Valley in 2014 to attend SJSU to study Computer Science. But after 3 years of "education" I realized that I needed to part ways from a system that limited my potential; I wanted to break free for this education system and spend time working on projects and problems I was passionate about solving!

Check out my Why I dropped out of college article on Medium that goes in-depth about my decision of dropping out and why right now is the best time to do so.

An Outdated Practice

As I took courses in my 3 years of college, I realized that we were still following the outdated practice of teaching in classes. Professors reading words from PowerPoint in 200 student lecture, talking and talking. If all I was doing in class was reading the same PPT uploaded on some LMS, why should I show up?

Students in class didn't seem to care — yet, no one seemed to question anything. No one was interested in the class. "We just need this class to graduate." College actually made students dislike classes they were excited about initially.

I am very outspoken when it comes to my opinions and beliefs about our established educational system. For someone to have the priviledge to college, I didn't take college for granted. However, watching my parents work 12 hour work days for 7 days a week for the education I was not getting didn't sit well with me.

I challenged my friends, my peers, my professors to help me understand the value of the type of education we were getting, yet no one is willing to voice their opinions. Everyone wants to simply "coast through" college so they could get a piece of paper that has their name on it.

Words of Wisdom from Sr. Engineer at Google

I had the opportunity to attend a tech event at Google and I didn't miss out on the opportunity to ask a Senior Engineer at Google about the value of a college degree. To which, he said:

A degree only shows you are committed to finish something. If you could show that through your projects or startup that brings real value to others, that’s more impressive than sitting in a class and memorizing algorithms.

And then the decision was made. Now I'm pursing my dream of reforming the educational system, not for myself, but for all those immigrant parents that sacrificed their lives for their kids to have a better life.