Be an Empowering Millennial! 💪

Education system is broken and it honestly does not care about YOU.

Instead, we need to stand up for ourselves and surround ourselves around a community that cares about us.

Learn about why I'm building this community!

Why should I Care?

From my three years in college, I didn't learn anything practical. Students fighting over grades for classes they don't care about in a college that's limiting their potential.

Not Anymore!

I am building a community of empowered front runners who want to create the future they want for themselves—a community for those who are bold and don't conform.

Who is the Community For?

This is the community for those who don't conform, those who do not settle with what's given—this is a community for those who are driven to pave their future and shape their future.

This is a community of like-minded and empowered millennials willing to create value, share experiences, and help others. No more out of control. #TakeControl

What should I Share?

This community is built to share knowledge, resources, and personal stories/experiences with other like-minded millennials.

If you have resources or experiences that can help a student from Kentucky learn about Marketing, share! My goal is to share knowledge and build valuable relationships.


This community is new, and that means you'll be the pioneer of this community.

Join and Contribute