Social Communication Tool for the Education System

Who Are We?

We are an educational tech non-profit providing a digital platform, exclusively for teachers and students, to re-kindle the bridge of communication.

We are the connection platform for highly engaging, exciting, collaborative classroom environments.

Big Problems


Students are intimated, disengaged in learning, and find no value in education.


Teachers are frustrated, leading to disinterested students due to a bureaucratic system.


Students and professors don't know how to communicate, creating dysfunctional environment.

The Wall

This wall has arisen due to lack of communication within classrooms, which has created the problem between students & professors, even before they step into the classroom.

This wall has led to a diminishment in the overall performance of students, leaving teachers overloaded and students flustered, creating a dysfunctional learning environment.

Our Solution

Our platform is the medium within which both students and professors can enter the classroom with a mindset based upon the determination to connect, learn, and collaborate as based upon the system’s promotion of an atmosphere primed to establish reliability, trust, and comfort with each other.

Optimized Class Flow

Students are engaged, comfortable, and happy because they have input into what they learn and their education.

Less Overload for Teachers

Teachers can focus on allowing students to learn through dynamic exchanges, instead of preparing material for students’ passive digestion.

Positive Learning for Students

Students are more comfortable asking questions, participating, and building confidence to boost learning retention.

Fully Transparent Classrooms

Students and teachers give each other honest feedback to allow each other to perform better.

Our Product

This introductory exchange activates both students and teachers to engage with each other to enrich their relationship that is now built on comfort, trust, and transparency.

This unified, collaborative, and positive communication network is a fully healthy basis upon which to prepare students for “life” and transform teachers into inspirational leaders.


Feb 2017

Founded in Cupertino, CA

March 2017

Secured Small Pre-seed Investment

April 2017

Successful User Cases

July 2017

Began Development

Jan 2018

Beta Launch Date


How is this solving the educational system’s core problem?

We did extensive user case interviews and research with teachers and students, discovering that none of them speak to one another, due to psychological presets developed over time. By providing both students and teachers with an outlet to communicate with complete transparency, we allow for educational development to proceed forward.

How's Homeroom different from other educational platforms?

Most other educational platforms are not solving the real problems inside of the educational system, but rather are adding more and making them worse. Students are not learning anything by plugging in a question and getting an answer. More surprisingly, these platforms are difficult to use and they give more workload to teachers that are already overwhelmed.

Why HomeRoom?

Many professors across the Bay Area have had that “aha” moment and told us:

You have literally found the fundamental problem in the system and the only solution. This wouldn’t resonate only with other professors and students and merely enhance individual classrooms—this will change everything!


Pre-seed funds of $200K are needed for team development, product development, testing and MVP launch by Spring of 2018.


Keshav Narula

CEO & Founder

A young, vibrant and brilliant "former" college student, who is determined to transform the educational system. Keshav is a UI/UX designer and front-end web developer.

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Joe Neil Zelaya

Co-Founder/Bus Dev

15+ years as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, with executive and managerial experience in multiple industries and sectors. Focusing on core development of start-ups and innovation.

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